T H E   F A M I L Y   D A Y   C A M P    


POLF Family Camp is about disconnecting from outside distractions, having conversations with friends, building stronger relationships as a family, and enjoying a challenging and exciting new game.

POLF’ers will enjoy a fun-filled half or full day event spent with the POLF Team, families and youth in the local community. Join us for either a ½ Half or Full Day of POLF Camp to play a variety of competitive and challenging interactive POLF games.



½  Half       |        9 am  –  12 pm
Full Day     |        9 am  –  3 pm

$30     HALF DAY – No Lunch

$45     HALF DAY w/ LUNCH

$60     FULL DAY

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The camp rates above are the current local area rates in Oakland, California.  The camp rates can vary per venue accordingly, so please be advised and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  What will sessions include each day? 

  • Introduction to the POLF Game
  • Safety First Orientation
  • How to GRIP/AIM Putter
  • Touch and Force Putting Drills
  • Target Practice
  • One-on-One (*Full Day Only)
  • TEAM Games
  • Bumper POLF Tournament (*Full Day Only)



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